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Welcome to Moment Garden!

Our vision is simple. We want to help parents collect, save and (privately) share their child's moments with the family & friends who matter most. Why? Because we value privacy and want a place to securely share our childrens' stories, too! Our goal is to make Moment Garden a self sustaining business built on a quality product. We are committed to Moment Garden for the long haul.

Children are amazing! From day one, every precious moment is priceless. Looking back at an old picture or reading a quote from when your child was 4 years old and said, "Don't worry Mommy, I'll teach you", will always bring a smile to your face.

Due to privacy concerns, we don't feel safe sharing our personal information with online social networks. Moment Garden is a place where you can feel more comfortable sharing data and trust that your memories are safe, yours, viewable only by the people you invite, and downloadable when you want.

Moment Garden began as an online time capsule, but a time capsule is something you fill up a single time and bury, only to dig up years later. We want Moment Garden to be dynamic, something you can re-live every day; a place that celebrates your child's life and keeps your family and friends updated every step of the way (pun intended).

Whether you are photographing daily activities, recording height and weight, logging funny quotes and stories, taking weekly profile shots, or using Moment Garden in another way, we hope you get out of it as much fun and enjoyment as we experience building it.


Chris and Zack

About Us

Chris and Zack met in 2005 while working for IBM in Rochester, Minnesota. After a number of years working for a large corporation, they both left with plans to follow their entrepreneurial dreams. In 2010, Moment Garden was born!



Colin Plamondon, Product Manager

Colin has been involved with startups for 10 years. At 19 he founded an early iOS app company, Spreadsong, that distributed over 200,000,000 free books to tens of millions of users, with a team spread all over the world. Since then he’s founded two other businesses, traveled all over, and helped other startups take off. Colin loves building great, beautiful products that help make people’s lives better. Outside of work he’s has been getting _very_ into jiu jitsu and is more than a little obsessed with Venetian history.


Chris Kundinger, Co-founder

Chris spent 5 years working at IBM on projects in Database and Security. He left IBM in 2009 to join a Y Combinator company, Socialbrowse, which gave him his first taste of startups. Chris has a passion for developing beautiful, yet easy to use products and is a little nuts for liking Javascript so much. Outside of work Chris enjoys being a dad, husband, traveling, cooking, disc golf and hanging out with friends (to name a few).

Chris welcomed his first child in June 2014 and later a daughter in July of 2017. Moment Garden has enabled him to make his remote family feel like they live nearby!


Zack Garbow, Co-founder

Zack worked at IBM for over 4 years, most recently on cutting edge projects within IBM Research, where he received over 100 patents pending and was named an IBM Master Inventor. Zack then spent time living and working in Silicon Valley as part of the Y Combinator startup program. Outside of business, Zack enjoys hiking, snowboarding and cooking with his wife.

Zack welcomed a daughter to the world in April 2013 and his son in December, 2014. Moment Garden has been invaluable for keeping his family up to date on the kids' progress!

Candace and Amelia

It wouldn't be fair to list the members of our team if we didn't list our loving wives. Their endless support cannot be appreciated enough!

Thank you

We have been very fortunate to have some unbelievably great users who have been, and continue to be, invaluable in building and shaping Moment Garden! We sincerely thank you. Your feedback and stories of how Moment Garden has played a role in your life have not only been inspiring but extremely motivating!

Please do not hesitate to with suggestions, comments and even criticisms! We highly value your feedback.

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Please feel free to email us anything on your mind and we'll respond right away!