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Moment Garden Star FAQs

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Moment Garden Star
What is "Moment Garden Star"?

Moment Garden Star enhances a Moment Garden by providing extra features and Moment Book discounts!

How much does Moment Garden Star cost and what is included?

Moment Garden Moment Garden Star
Cost Free $4.99/month or $47.99/year
Longer, Clearer Videos 20 second max
Standard Definition
5 minute max
High Definition
Montage Moments None Add up to 4 photos in a single, beautiful collage!
Hidden Moments None Save moments that are only viewable by admins
Moment Backups Downloadable individually Unlimited exports of entire garden into downloadable ZIP file(s)
Moment Book discounts None Complimentary Moment Book Gift Card*

*Complimentary $15 Moment Book Gift Card is provided when you sign up for yearly billing. You will receive one for each garden you upgrade.

Discounts and free Moment Books
How do I get the complimentary Moment Book Gift Card?

When you sign up for yearly billing, we'll give you a complimentary (aka free!) Moment Book Gift Card, good for $15 off any Moment Book order. You'll get one gift card for each garden you upgrade.

Hidden Moments
What are Hidden Moments and how do they work?

Hidden Moments are special moments only viewable by the garden's admins. When you save a moment as a Hidden Moment, only the Garden's admins will receive a notification of the moment, and they will be the only ones who can view it. No other members are notified, nor can they access your Hidden Moments.

Hidden Moments are uniquely identified in your garden with a lock icon, so you know which ones are only visible by the Garden's admins.

Exporting your garden
How do I export and download my garden?

To export your garden, first log into the website. Then go to the edit page of your garden. At the top, you should see an "Export and download your garden" link. Click that link to start the download process.

Canceling Stars
How do I cancel my Star subscription?

You can cancel your subscription from the website or one of the apps. From the website, go to the and click the link to cancel your subscription. From one of the apps, go to the settings page and tap the "Manage Subscription" setting. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to .

Can I cancel at any time?

Yep! Your garden(s) will remain upgraded for the remainder of the subscription. This will typically be the rest of the month or year, depending on which plan you signed up for.

What happens when I cancel my subscription?

Your garden(s) will remain upgraded for the remainder of the subscription. After the subscription has run out, your gardens will no longer have the features provided by Moment Garden Star. No data will be changed or removed from your garden. Therefore, if you uploaded long videos because you had upgraded your garden, these videos will remain intact in full regardless of if you downgrade your account.

iOS In App Purchases
How do I manage my subscription?

On your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Go to Settings > iTunes $ App Store
  2. Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen
  3. Tap View Apple ID. You may need to sign in or use Touch ID
  4. Under Subscriptions, Tap Manage
  5. Tap Moment Garden